Bullion Update of 7th Jan 2020

Bullion Update of 7th Jan 2020

Latest Updates
  • US army started to move from IRAQ wherever its possible
  • Iran Salami hinting at hitting Israel: Tell America if you respond to our revenge we’ll burn that place you love
Range: 40000-41600
Our Preference: Buy Gold near 40007 target 40830 SL below 39890

In the current scenario Gold is fully move on all the IRAN – US statement + Trade deal ad other calls so be cautious and trade as per your funding capacity only. Don’t increase your lots forcefully else the result is damage your own capital.

Trading Call
Buy Point 40400 target 40650 SL 40350
Sell Point 40652 target 40500 SL 40701
Top Sell point 40830 target 40600 SL 40901

Still the Gold has a space to touch 41600 anytime with base of 40007. If it break then only it can move downward till 39281.




Range: 47000-49250
Momentum Call: Sell Silver  47850 target 47550 SL 47960
Our Preference: Buy Silver 47110 target 47900 & 48500 with SL 46850

Alternative Scenario: Sell 48650 target 47900 SL 48800

COMMENTS: Silver has cross 18.21$ but not sustain above the same & close.

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