Bullion report of 21st Jan 2021

Bullion report of 21st Jan 2021


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Biden sat as a 46th President of USA.
Effect: momentum all US equities are on life time high including all indices.


Range: 49537 – 50875

Our Preference: Buy Gold 49537+ add on 49399 for target 50200 with SL only below 49250.

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 50200 for target 49750 with SL 50350+

Market Commentary: Gold high 51875 Low 48537 where it may touch 50206 (50%) price & may turn back from the same price a little.

So Positional Trader Buy or hold their Buy from 49500 for target towards 50200 & 50873.


Range: 66600 – 69235

Our Preference: Buy Silver 66600+ add on 66100 for target 67800 & 69200 with SL only below 65900.

When Silver was near 66100 level it use to come down from the same point many time now it has started to sustain above 66000+ which will drag till 69235 & 71350 again.

IMP Point: A holding trader need to switch his or her position after some days as market move with crossing its range. otherwise you will loose your money.

Feedback Reply : Many of client has complain about our 18th jan report  has not work out.
But if you read carefully – we clearly mention Jo Biden a new president of USA will sat on 20th January clearly which will be little different day as it will be a BIG day – so those who don’t understand about detail of report then please read it carefully full report next time.

For any confusion or clarification just whats app: 7046379799, But if you are confuse about report then do not trade



  1. Please send live reports

    1. Dear sir all our reports are advance which is more than live report. Still if you want you can contact on whats app 7046379799 for live reports call

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