Bullion Report 29 April 2021

Bullion Report 29 April 2021


Breaking News

Fed holds interest rates near zero, sees faster growth and higher inflation

Fed’s Powell:

  • We are very worried about scarring in labor market
  • Inflation expectations are now more consistent with Fed’s 2% inflation target than pre-pandemic
  • The recovery remains uneven, remains incomplete


  • Fed Will Continue Bond Buying Until Substantial Further Progress On Goals
  • Indicators of Growth, Employment Have Strengthened
  • Inflation Has Risen, But Largely on Transitory Factors

Summary & Effect: Fed will not change its interest rates & Inflation will keep on increasing simultaneously Fed will keep on Bond Buying

Effect: This will heavily positive impact on Gold & moving towards the target of 1883$ only.

Market Commentary:

As we mention in earlier report also Buy should be starts from 1762$ for the target of 1883$ where Indian trader will match with MCX price. where we suggest to Buy in MCX 47132 but it has not match with COMEX. So those trader who had missed the trade will next time looking @ COMEX by default & pick the trade in MCX which will turn up in HIGH Accuracy & profitability.

In total Weekly or positional trader will remain in Buy position only for the upwards target of 48941 & 50150. By next week’s weekend Gold will open up the gate of 1883$ to move upside.

We request to those who are trading for daily basis to avoid our reports because it will not useful to them for gambling purpose.

We design our strategy maintain our position in one side only


Range: 46800 (1762$ ) – 48941 (1800$)

Our Preference: Buy Gold 1762$ ( 46800) for target 48000 with SL only below 46600 (If sustain)

Trading Zone

 Sell Gold 47288 sl 47388 target 46956

Yesterday also it has not sustain the same & take reversal from 1762$ only

So match your MCX price with COMEX 1st then place the order if you do not have the patience.


Range: 25.85$ – 27.05$

Our Preference: Buy Silver 25.85$ 67500 for target 27.05$ 70000 with SL only below 25.65$ or 67100

Alternative Scenario: Sell Silver 70300 SL only above 70800+ for 800 point target

As it cross 70800+ will go with again Buy position only for target 71820

Lot size should be as per the funding capacity only. In the margin of 5 lac +3 Lac rs (M2M) trader should do 1 lot only, with lesser margin will go in mini lots respectively. You should control your lot size.

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