Every commodity has different Requirement. For the trading purpose, 50,000/-Rupees per 1 lot is standard Investment for any 1 Indian MCX Commodity of Copper, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, or Nickel.

Tradeline Capital is a Advisory company in the commodity market. It provides advisory based on technical & fundamental of the international commodity market in MCX & specified US Commodity.

Every one should invest in commodity market. But understand the word “INVESTMENT” not trading. Because commodity investment is Good investment. Everyone should invest 10% of total portfolio into commodity market, which is wise decision.

Commodities are based on Demand & Supply. So when you wants to invest you need to check out its Long Term fundamentals of particular commodity by consult with us or your advisor, then you can invest.

I1- Trading strategy should be clear which you need to follow. You should know when to BUY or SELL, Stop Loss & Exit ( Target), because most of the trader always trade like make a buy or sell based on their instant decision without decide advance strategy & loose money. 2- Lot size should be Fix minimum for 1 month. Example: If you decided to trade with 2 lot in Natural Gas, then it should be 2 lot every time. You should not increase or decrease your lot size for minimum 1 month, after 1 month analyze your trade with Profit & Loss, then you can change the lot size. rn 3- Per trade loss should be maximum 2% of your capital, example: If your capital is 1,00,000 Rupees, then your maximum stop loss is 2,000/- (2%) for trading.